As we head into the new year, an overwhelming sense of do better-ness is present. Our lists of resolutions for a healthier mind and body start to take form, and extensive plans for a salubrious 2021 unfold. And, as they sit pleasantly in the heart of Brookhaven, the residents of Skyland Brookhaven luxuriate in their opportune ingress to the state-of-the-art Fitness Facility that is situated just moments away from their front door.

Skyland Brookhaven is the idealistic setting for executing every wellness resolution. Offering a suite of facilities that are geared towards comfort and relaxation, this luxury townhome community in Brookhaven doubles as the superior environment to focus on your well-being. For a day of self reflection and mental repose, residents settle down beside the Jr. Olympic Salt Water Pool, or saunter about the beautiful landscaping and green space in the dog-friendly Community Park.

Cycling at Skyland Brookhaven

Amongst the remarkableness of the Skyland Brookhaven amenities, a favored locale is the 24-hour Cycle Bar in the Fitness Facility.

Cycling is undoubtedly making its way to the top of the most favored forms of exercise, simply for its physical health benefits. A serious commitment to daily stress reduction is imperative in the effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle this year; while a moment of meditation, a good massage, or a warm cup of tea are among some of the most effective and uncomplicated ways to conciliate your emotions, cycling is among the top 10 best ways to exercise and is said to be beneficial to the body and the mind.

Bettering Yourself in Brookhaven

Just beyond the wellness mecca of Skyland Brookhaven, residents have no shortage of fitness facilities to devote themselves to. For those who enjoy breaking a sweat with company, Orange Theory Brookhaven is a local favorite. Or, to pump some iron in solidarity, Cross Fit Brookhaven is a frequented classic in the Skyland Shopping Center. And, L.A. Fitness and Thrive Fitness are just a short journey down the road in Town Brookhaven. 

The community of Skyland Brookhaven looks forward to the success and execution of their wellness resolutions this year. For more information about living in an environment that emits an array of lavish benefits for its residents, visit