While it certainly needs no introduction, stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” It comes as no surprise that many have been easily made tense by the events of this year and from everyday life and so, Brookhaven residents have found peace and pleasure in useful ways to de-stress. 

A serious commitment to daily stress reduction is imperative in the effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle; while a moment of meditation, a good massage, or a warm cup of tea are among some of the most effective and uncomplicated ways to conciliate your emotions, yoga is among the top 10 scientifically proven ways to reduce stress and is said to be beneficial to the body and the mind. 

Best in Brookhaven

Yoga is undoubtedly making its way to the top of the most favored forms of exercise, simply for the physical health benefits. These are among some of the most popular places to stretch in Brookhaven:

  • YogaWorks Brookhaven offers their clients a unique yoga experience. What started out in Santa Monica, has transformed into a nationwide yoga community. Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and Alan Finger all came together to open their very first yoga studio in 1987 with the intention to share the gifts they had learned from their instructors. Their studio focuses on thoughtful teaching and embraces every variety of yoga styles, for a wholistic and “magical” experience. 
  • BURN Studios Brookhaven offers an extensive list of challenging and inspiring workout options from indoor cycling and kickboxing to sculpt and yoga. With a desire to offer dynamic, motivating, and accessible exercise to their clients, BURN has created a distinctive approach to fitness in an inviting and supportive community. 
  • BACH Fitness is a premier fitness studio that offers HIIT and strength training, bodywork, personal stretching and is fully equipped with an espresso and smoothie bar for an after workout treat. 

While yoga may not be the cure-all for every person’s stress, it has proven benefits to promote a healthier lifestyle and balance your mind. If you are living in Brookhaven or just stopping through to stretch, we welcome you to our safe haven. For more information about the Brookhaven lifestyle and community, visit skylandbrookhaven.com