While the city of Brookhaven is shoulder to shoulder with the concrete creations of Buckhead and Chamblee, finding green space is simple as this city is home to more than 15 different parks that stretch across a combined 332 acres of land. For Skyland Brookhaven residents, discovering green spaces it’s as easy as walking out their front door; Skyland Brookhaven boasts beautiful and maintenance-free front yard landscaping and a dog friendly community park.

Whether it’s a run through the park or a walk with your dog, Brookhaven residents have no shortage of options for green spaces; the list of parks in Brookhaven runs longer than some athletes can, and is continuing to grow. With different offerings and amenities, the parks in Brookhaven reward residents a unique outdoor experience at every visit.

Brookhaven Park Amenities 

The following listed parks in Brookhaven are fully equipped for the all-day outing experience; these parks offer mixed-use fields and courts, accessible bathrooms, gardens, picnic shelters, sidewalks, trails, and water fountains:

  1. Ashford Park is a community center with a shelter for picnics, a tennis court, and playground area off of Redding Road.
  2. Briarwood Park is a beautiful place featuring water fountains, walking bridges and trails, tennis courts, swimming pools, picnic shelters, community center and garden, and accessible bathrooms. Perfect for an all day adventure, Briarwood has everything you need, located on Briarwood Way.
  3. Blackburn Park has a baseball diamond, accessible bathrooms, community garden, a mixed-use field, picnic shelter, tennis court, playground, sidewalks, trails, and much more just off of Ashford Dunwoody Road.
  4. Brookhaven Park is located off of Peachtree Road and is home to a mixed-use field, playground, picnic tables, plenty of space to walk on trails, sidewalks, and bridges, and water fountains.
  5. Georgian Hills Park and Lynwood Park/Community Center offer great spaces to enjoy outdoor activities with a basketball court, picnic shelter and tables, playground, and walking trails.
  6. Murphey Candler Park and Skyland Park are among the favored in Brookhaven, boasting picnic shelters and tables, a playground, sidewalks, walking trails and bridges, a tennis court, swimming pool, flowing water, and drinking fountains.

Brookhaven Greenery 

If you’re looking for a little less action but the same amount of green, the following list of beautiful green spaces make for days enjoyed in the sun or long walks on the trail (click on the links for directions to the parks):

Brookhaven is a community that adores being in nature and utilizing the greenery that surrounds our neighborhoods. For more information about the Brookhaven lifestyle and community or becoming a resident, visit skylandbrookhaven.com.