While the all-the-trend city of Brookhaven was established in the early 1900s, it was not until 2012 that Brookhaven joined the Atlanta elite cities club. Stretching 12 miles across north Dekalb County, Brookhaven is the haven of discovery for those who inhabit it. 

Historic Brookhaven

The discovery started to take off when Atlantans began their residential construction surrounding a country club and nine-hole golf course, designed by golf architect Herbert Barker in 1911. This club would later become the infamous Capital City Country Club and house some of history’s most iconic members.

From 1950-1970, Brookhaven started to blossom. As major commercial and residential developments began to sprout through the cracks of these famed east Atlanta sidewalks, the neighborhood known today as “Historic Brookhaven” was formed. While this community’s title may be a giveaway, Brookhaven is a livable diary of people and places that are the essence of this district. Rich with history and teemingly contemporary, Brookhaven is Georgia’s 17th largest city, ever growing with over 50,000 residents.

Contemporary Brookhaven

The attraction to the live-work lifestyle in Brookhaven is evident. With access to exciting restaurants, beautiful landmarks and green spaces, and an outpouring of entertainment, Brookhaven offers a little bit of everything for its residents with ease and convenience to the rest that Atlanta has to offer.

While it is easy to be hidden in the shadow of popular cities like Buckhead and Chamblee, Brookhaven earned its spot in the light. Most notably, Town Brookhaven serves as a place for residents to shop and dine to their heart’s content. This mixed-use development is a captivating piece of this town and a major component of Brookhaven’s city declaration in 2012.

Special to the area of Brookhaven sits Oglethorpe University.  Currently enrolled with over 1,300 students and planted on 100 acres of Brookhaven soil, the university was rechartered in 1913 and began classes under President Thornwell Jacobs’ administration. The gothic revival architecture style of Hearst Hall, that was intended to serve as a memorial for their founder, James Edward Oglethorpe, is a landmark for city of Brookhaven and country. Named to the National Register of Historic Places, Oglethorpe is a living relic for Brookhaven’s history and a prominent piece of Brookhaven’s future. 

Being A Brookhaven Resident

On paper, the city of Brookhaven is “new,” but residents and visitors of this adored town can feel the history that surrounds them in an area that is (figuratively) over the hill. For more information about the Brookhaven lifestyle and becoming a resident, visit www.skylandbrookhaven.com.