In the dialog and discourse and debate about city versus suburbs, the answer depends on the personal goals and sensibilities of the people who are considering the question. In other words, the only right answer is your own. For more and more well-informed people, the most interesting and valuable answer might sound like “neither of the above.” Rather, it is an amalgam, a mixture that is closer than a combination, a forging of elements that ends up stronger – an alloy appears to be the answer.

It is a concept that’s still in search of a term. “Urban suburb” is an industry-insider attempt, but entirely too contradictory to carry the ball, really. What people are discovering is that a town with its own history and heritage, its own ambiance and atmosphere, and yet with easy access to the social, cultural, and economic advantages of a world-class city – that’s the answer that engages the interest of many of the people driving the economy of today.

Brookhaven embodies this answer with style.

Authentic, Yet Never Old

Just eight years ago, Brookhaven became a city, and yet, by then, some of the neighborhoods that compose it were ready for a centennial. Like Buckhead, just to the south, Brookhaven began with wealthy industrialists coming here to get some green between their vacation homes and the bustle of the city. Summer cottages cropped up in Lynwood Park and Brookhaven Village a hundred years ago. More and more, as time went on, these influential Atlanta residents came to stay. The role they played in the development of Atlanta and the architecture and neighborhoods they left behind them prompted the National Park Service to name Brookhaven a Historic District in 1986. 

Brookhaven today presents a pleasant blend of original cottages, historic luxury homes, and mid-century modern ranch homes, in addition to outstanding new townhomes, that carry on this tradition of engaging the economy on your own terms.

The Energy Source

Sharing a portion of the Perimeter Center, Brookhaven is less than three miles from Buckhead. The townhomes here are positioned with advantages in DeKalb County, where Brookhaven is the county’s largest city. Commerce, convenience, and culture are even closer than Atlanta.

Education is a particular urban asset that doesn’t call for venturing far from the townhomes of Brookhaven. Home to Oglethorpe University and its Museum of Art, Brookhaven is also the locale of Georgia State University’s satellite campus for the Robinson College of Business MBA program. A host of public, private, and charter school options are here for primary and secondary education.

The Changing Stakes

Ease of ownership ranks high among the standards of those who drive today’s economy, and so restoring or rebuilding or making-do are not on the menu for most. Caring for extensive grounds is today not considered the pastime that it might have been in more leisurely times past. So, a new townhome in an established, comfortable community is for many the right combination of advantages. 

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