Summer is not only an especially good time to enjoy Brookhaven, but you might also say the town owes its way of life to summer, because summer cottages were the reason it became the town it is today. Yes, our heritage was a village nearby called Cross Keys that slowly gathered after the original settlement nearly 200 years ago. It was said to be home to about 400 people in a two-mile radius around a sawmill on Nancy’s Creek.

The summer cottages began to appear around 1900, and only very recently, in 2012, did Brookhaven become the 11th city of DeKalb County. Townhomes have become one of the most popular options for getting the most from this lifestyle, and indeed the very attractiveness of life here was its reason for being. Summer’s a great time to explore just why.

Parks and Parks and Parks

Even longtime Brookhaven residents might be stumped if you asked them how many parks are here. The correct answer is 14. We’re not kidding. Yet, like Atlanta restaurants, no one keeps all of them on their “to do” list all the time. People have their favorites, and here are a few of ours.

Murphey Candler Park is a favorite of families and fishermen alike. Where else do you find in one place trails and picnic spots and tennis and softball fields and a lake that’s home to mallard ducks and beavers, and boasts largemouth bass, bluegill, channel cat, and sunfish? It’s 135 acres of fun, and in normal times it also offers a popular swimming pool.

The playground structures of Ashford Park make it a favorite of families, too. Parts of the playground are shaded, and amenities such as rest rooms and benches round out the ease of enjoyment. The nearby Ashford Forest Preserve presents trails and options for keeping careful distance and avoiding surfaces which may be especially welcome for families right now.

Pets, too, are favored by the ease of outdoors in Brookhaven. The Skyland Dog Park makes all shapes and sizes feel good, with separate play areas for larger and smaller dogs. And with five aces of fenced spaces, Brookhaven Park is the largest off-leash dog park around.

The Peachtree Creek Greenway offers our own three-mile section of a 12-mile multi-use trail that follows the north fork of Peachtree Creek and links to an incomparable system of trails and paths that is known as the emerald necklace of Atlanta – the renowned Atlanta Beltline.

Options on Foot

During a summer when the availability and the degree of opening that our resources present to us will be evolving, it is probably good to have an answer up your sleeve that allows for decision making on-sight, as well as on-site. The pedestrian-friendly design of Town Brookhaven offers just that.

Boutiques and bistros; shopping, restaurants, and pubs; and as precautions permit, salons and gyms and a movie theatre are opportunities you can evaluate as you stroll at Town Brookhaven.

For more information on how to own at Skyland Brookhaven, visit or contact us at 678.515.3927.