The enjoyment of green space was woven into the plan for the townhomes of Skyland Brookhaven, and as a result, the recent stay-at-home times have been that much less bothersome. Now that a popular question among friends is whether they are feeling fitter or fatter as a result of more time at home, the importance of assets like these for the value of your property – not just at a future date but now when you need it – is all the more evident.

Our access to Brookhaven’s Skyland Park is especially opportune now. The Peachtree Creek Greenway too is our own three-mile section of a 12-mile multi-use trail that follows the north fork of Peachtree Creek and links to an incomparable system of trails and paths that is known as the emerald necklace of Atlanta.

The Outdoor Advantage

Just about everything good that we get from exercise gets better when we do it outdoors.  The change in routine itself brings training benefits because we are not repeating the same workouts the same way. Beyond that, a host of other results come to us when we move our fitness routine outdoors. This option is almost always available to the fortunate folks who make their homes in Skyland Brookhaven.

For the many people who’ve grown weary of stay-at-home time, the nearby chance for outdoor exercise and recreation can be the turning point to a positive outlook. Natural light generates essential vitamin D, improving our mood. Air quality outdoors can feel more refreshing than indoors, too, and the uneven terrain outdoors exercises our sense of balance because of the body’s response to those subtle signals as we exercise.

Reaching Indoors to Serve

Lots of the Skyland residents here in Brookhaven have discovered recently another reason to be glad about the generous three- and four-bedroom plans for their homes. TV and video links offer a way to enjoy their workouts from a fresh perspective, in the surroundings they chose for themselves. Enterprising fitness experts have developed ways to reach out to these townhomes, offering their expertise and encouragement.

One of our favorite resources online has come from an established team of Atlanta personal trainers at Eclipse 1-on-1. During the recent stay-at-home precautions they began to offer a series of half-hour workouts to do at home, known at Get UP Atlanta.

The sense of service and the energy of enterprise that initiatives like this demonstrate are reminders of what makes these townhomes so valuable, and why living here feels so worthwhile. For more information on how to own at Skyland Brookhaven, visit or contact us at 678.515.3927.