As we carefully open our lives back up after weeks of public health precautions, we can see that some of the recent experiences brought lessons that will stay with us. One of those lessons is about the vital importance of connection. In Brookhaven, the fortunate folks who chose to live in the luxury townhomes here enjoy advantages that kept them connected during “The Great Pause,” and give them now a lot to look forward to, as we move forward from here.

From the simple pleasures of the little celebration that a great meal can bring, to the diversions and attractions that come with city access, to the satisfaction of choosing your own comfort level in how much and how often you access one of the world’s great cities, to the nearness of nature we’ve built into our lives here, we are rich in connections, here in Brookhaven, and glad of it.

If balance is one of the values of a life well lived, then it is here in abundance, because townhomes in a suburb that began as a vacation retreat, for the movers and shakers of an urban commercial capital, sounds like an ideal design for living. Having city, suburb, and country at your fingertips is a formula not only for balance, but also for versatility and keeping things fresh. Since Atlanta does a good job of presenting its own assets, let’s look here at what we are connected to that is close-by, here in Brookhaven.

Edible Enjoyment

Exotic and familiar, regional and international, sophisticated, casual, authentic, and innovative – whatever meal you are in the mood for, the connections you’ll find in Brookhaven can provide it. The choices are so abundant that here we’ll just give a sense of the wide range.

The Haven Restaurant & Bar is a favorite for the energy and originality they put into authentic Southern dishes. BUA Thai & Sushi brings its own version of authentic, matching fine Thai cuisine with an ambiance that had the benefit of an interior designer from Thailand.

Superior Shopping

Town Brookhaven lives up to its name. Although strictly speaking a shopping center, it brings the whole catalog of what people are looking for when they “go to town” to shop. This is where Brookhaven goes for the big-box Costco advantages, for Marshalls, for Publix, and even to go to the movies and the all-important refreshments that go with them at Cinebistro, when times once again permit.

Enjoying the tranquility of life beyond the urban, and yet still in easy reach of one of the world’s great cities, the townhomes of Brookhaven don’t demand a trade-off, but rather they offer the best of both worlds. For more information on how to own at Skyland Brookhaven, visit or contact us at 678.515.3927.