It’s no wonder that breakfasts have a hearty, country feel near the townhomes of Brookhaven. Our community began as a sought-after locale for country homes for the respite of Atlanta’s energetic leaders around the turn of the 19th century. The abundance of fresh, local ingredients then was just an expected byproduct of a country retreat. Today, our Brookhaven breakfast favorites go out of their way to hold up that tradition in the new way, sourcing locally whenever they can.

Right in the heart of Brookhaven, the Buttermilk Kitchen quickly became a magnet for the goodness of the food it presents. Particularly committed to sustainable and local ingredients, Buttermilk Kitchen makes just about everything right there, from scratch. Even their name, Buttermilk, was chosen for its reference to the practice of wasting nothing, as buttermilk is the remaining liquid left when butter is churned.

The breakfast at Buttermilk Kitchen is served all day, except Mondays. It includes a nod to city delights, their lox plate with capers and cream cheese on a Jerusalem bagel. Yet this time the gravlax-style salmon is joined by farm greens, onions, and beets. From a healthy, house-roasted granola to a bowl of caramelized banana oatmeal, they aim to fulfill whatever your mood – or sense of discipline – might desire that day. Eggs and chicken and hash browns and fried green tomatoes and just about everything that says breakfast in our American way is here and it is delicious.

The Little Farmhouse Café, in nearby Embry Hills, is another favorite. Chef Chris Morrison brings classical French training to our Southern breakfast traditions, and he adds a commitment to sourcing from local farmers, bakers, and Atlanta businesses. And the Little Farmhouse breakfast is so good that they serve it right up to 3 p.m. Chris’s French training assures you of omelets that know what they’re doing, yet he offers, too, a farmer’s breakfast that’s second-to-none. A daily breakfast sandwich special means that even when you’re on the go, you don’t have to pass up a Little Farmhouse breakfast.

Sometimes what we celebrate in Brookhaven is how close we are to Buckhead. On weekends, or when the mood strikes us, we take advantage of that and have breakfast at the Landmark Diner. A classic of the diner genre, and long a standby, the Landmark seems especially right for breakfast sometimes. They must agree, because they serve breakfast all day, every day.

The simple pleasures of living, like a fresh, locally sourced breakfast, add to the factors supporting the value of the townhomes in Brookhaven. For more information on how to own at Skyland Brookhaven, visit or contact us at 678.515.3927.


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