For a hundred years, Brookhaven gathered the summer cottages and bungalows of the well-to-do from Atlanta, and during the mid-century move to the suburbs we saw the roomy ranch homes of that period take root, too. So, it’s not surprising that there’s no shortage of gracious dining available to those fortunate to live in the townhomes where a new generation resides here.

BUA Thai & Sushi is a local favorite, comfortable for dining-in, and accommodating for takeout and delivery. An attractive and knowledgeably stocked bar makes it a gathering place for friends and business associates alike, and the versatility of serving tangy Thai or fresh, classic sushi is a great fit for the wide-ranging and well-traveled tastes of Brookhaven residents.

The Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub lives up to its colorful name. Their philosophy of “global comfort food” offers endless variety, so that like a kaleidoscope, you see something different every time you look in. Chef Joey Riley selects from quality local ingredients and antibiotic- and hormone-free proteins, for meals you can feel good about on any level. He prepared for his role at Kaleidoscope by studying at the Culinary Institute of America. His apprenticeship was at the Cherokee Town Club in Atlanta.

The Haven Restaurant and Bar, on Dresden Drive in Brookhaven, is set in a cozy, modern loft space with rustic cypress wood furnishings. The custom-built wine library wall casts a warm gaze and showcases some of America’s top vineyards. Guests can follow the culinary action, because the Haven’s chef-drive kitchen is open to the main dining room. In spring and summer, the Haven too has the advantage of a patio environment that is becoming and Atlanta favorite, with its garden and canopy of elm trees.

Valenza may be our favorite Italian restaurant, and for good reasons. It’s as if an expert Hollywood set designer had created a cozy Italian village café. Plastered walls, and woodwork of rustic oak and pine, enfold turn-of-the-century architectural pieces. Above antique European candle chandeliers smile down warmly. All regions of Italy are represented on the Valenza menu. Since 1996, Chef Matt Swickerath has been behind the success of some of Atlanta’s most acclaimed restaurants, and his preference for locally grown and seasonal organic foods finds a happy hunting ground in the environs of Brookhaven.

THERE Gastropub is a Brookhaven bar and eatery that follows examples from London and New York that sought to marry the comfort of a pub with a higher level of cuisine. Their success here is evidenced in part by the array of attire you’ll see enjoying their offerings. From business suits to jeans, the vibe is relaxed while the standards for delicious dining are high. Again, the Brookhaven trait of preferring local sources is in play at THERE, and in fact they cultivate their own organic garden right down the street.

The townhomes in Brookhaven draw their value not only from what they offer, but also from where they are situated. It’s a community that enjoys the advantages of both city and country, and our favorite dining spots reflect that amazing blend. For more information on how to own at Skyland Brookhaven, visit or contact us at 678.515.3927.


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