A common theme among some realtors is the saying, ‘don’t buy the home, buy the neighborhood.’ This couldn’t ring more true when it comes to one of Atlanta busiest, growing suburbs, Brookhaven.

It would be remiss to talk about the lifestyle that comes with Brookhaven without bringing up the eclectic restaurants that residents get to choose from daily.

Here we will dive into of what kind of dining Brookhaven has to offer and highlight some of our favorite local restaurants.

Valenza – North Italian fare in a Venetian setting 

Located in Brookhaven Village, Valenza is a warm, cozy Italian café with Chef Stephen Herman’s upscale renditions of classic Italian dishes. Fine antique European chandeliers and authentic Venetian plastered walls are just some of the attentions to detail Valenza takes prides in.

Brookhaven Village is around the corner for the residents of Skyland Brookhaven and is one of the hubs of the town residents enjoy frequenting.

Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub – Asian American bistro with pub classics

Another favorite from Brookhaven Village, Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub is Chef Riley’s comfortable neighborhood hangout. They pride themselves on the highest quality, local ingredients to create a menu that they call a ‘kaleidoscope of global comfort food.’ Their offerings are an Epcot of classic dishes and the establishment has become a neighborhood favorite.

The One Sushi + – Industrial-chic restaurant with contemporary Japanese menu

Very modern interpretations of classic Japanese sushi as well as Asian American dishes. The dishes served at The One Sushi + are truly works of art that are meticulously hand-crafted for you. Dining here is quite the experience and they couldn’t have said it better with, ‘You have a lot of choices when going out for sushi, but we want to be the one place on your mind.’ Located Brookhaven Village.

Flying Biscuit Café – A southern American classic with all-day breakfast

One of the best places to get breakfast around the clock, and proud to call Atlanta their home, the Flying biscuit café has been serving Georgia and its neighbors for over 25 years. This southern classic offers every style of breakfast food imaginable but is most well known for their famous biscuits and gravy. Located in Town Brookhaven.

Terra Terroir – New American, fine dining menu with an earthy atmosphere

Tucked away in one of Brookhaven’s obscure strip malls, Terra Terroir offers a refined New American menu with earthy wood décor, and an outdoor garden dining room. This restaurant deserves the spotlight when it comes to ambience. Terra Terroir also likes to boast an extensive wine list as well as one of a kind catering and event packages.

Brookhaven is a tight-knit community with delectable dining options around every corner, and this list hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of what the neighborhood has to offer. As you can probably already tell, Brookhaven is brimming with options from all over the globe and leaves nothing to be desired.

The people who make up the community love to lavish in the peace from the quiet neighborhoods mixed with the rooted culture from the city. Skyland Brookhaven is a neighborhood of the newest homes built within minutes of Downtown Brookhaven. Residents enjoy the rich home life as a neighborhood of Atlanta while also having the luxury of room to stretch their legs. Inquire about Skyland



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